The Philosophy


To drive a new era of cleanliness and well-being for all Indians, now and for future generations 

Inspired by Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission), a national campaign by the Government of India, covering  4041  statutory towns, to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country, we aim to play a major role in this initiative by ensuring that we provide best hygiene solutions for the well-being of the nation.


Our mission at Jindal Plast is to make high-quality products
with boldness, poise and energy.

To be an acknowledged leader in the Indian plastic sanitaryware industry by exceeding customers' expectations and maximising the bottom line for all our stakeholders


Build The Trust

Trust is the social glue that holds business relationships together, our relationships are a testimony to that. Here at Jindal we value the trust that our stakeholders show in us.

Provide Premium Quality

It is very critical that we always satisfy our costumers by maintaining top-notch quality. From procuring high grade raw material to robust and attractive products we make sure that we deliver the best.

Best Customer Service

We offer amazing pre-sales and post-sales services to our customers who buy and use our products. We ensure that they have an easy and enjoyable experience with us every time.

Keep On Innovating

R&D is a key driver for us as it provides powerful knowledge and insights which leads us to further improvements. We are committed to develop new products and services for the upliftment of industry.


Our core values are the beliefs that we, as a company, stand for. They serve as the compass that guides our brand, actions, behaviours, and decision-making process. 

There will be times in business when we have to make some tough choices. But when we have with us the core values that constantly remind us of what’s essential to our business and to the people we’re serving, making the right decision becomes an effortless task.

Here are our core values that we at Jindal will always keep as a priority. Derived from our vision and commitment, these core values are inter-connected and serve as pillars of our culture.


We define progress by the people we serve and the lives we touch. Our progress is a product of hard work, cooperation and collaboration, courage, intelligence, and commitment to our customers.


We define excellence as our ability to deliver more than what we promise. We believe that the right decisions, bouncing back, and always striving to be better are vital components of excellence.


We define trust through our ability to establish a deep connection with our stakeholders, whom we see as members of the Jindal family. Be it the workplace or marketplace; we value the faith that everyone puts in us. We believe that honesty leads to integrity, and that, in turn, builds trust.

Products are simple. They can be made in a factory. But relationships are based on our interaction with fellow humans.