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Ram Niwas Jindal

Founder Chairman

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Siddharth Jindal

Managing Director

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Sorabh Gupta



Anshu Malik


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“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from the failures.” 


The last eighteen months’ global and economic developments have surprised everyone. It is a very fulfilling experience to share our growth in the face of changes and challenges.  The journey from 1978 till date has strengthened the foundation of the company by leaps and bounds. It is a time to commemorate our glory, struggle, associations and values with great pride and happiness.

The past year has been a result of efforts and determination and above all a strong will to maintain leadership in a highly competitive industrial market. This time of year has been a milestone that marks forty-two years of quality service in the field of delivering high-quality sanitaryware and plumbing products.

Harmony and integrity are the two principles behind Jindal’s Success.

 In the past four decades, the country has developed at a rapid pace. During these forty years, Jindal Plast has brought forward an array of top-notch world class sanitaryware and plumbing solutions, ensuring that the ever-growing needs of our customers are met. 

 The objective of our company is to develop and manufacture plastic processed products that can comprehensively help customers and associates to experience  a cleaner and healthier environment. Our next step would be to take our plastic processing expertise to enter into new arenas.

I welcome you all to our world of sanitaryware and plumbing products and services that reflect innovation, promise and quality. We offer you our best in both verticals. We have, over the decades, assembled a team of experienced and specialized employees who are capable of sustainably and effectively meeting the requirements of every client. We create success for our customers by identifying their needs & providing innovative value-adding solutions. While doing this, we also embrace our responsibility towards society and the environment.


"In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, one must be open to embrace risk, come out of  your comfort zone and be emotional (in a good way) about your venture and the stakeholders involved."




Dear stakeholders,

   Times are changing and so is everything around us. From lifestyles to laws, from markets to government, I cannot remember a more volatile period. A lot of people have observed 2020 as a year that they would like to forget.  At the same time, there’s never been a year more important to remember — and to learn from.

We faced many historic crises in 2020: a global health crisis and an accelerating climate crisis being damaging on a global scale. The pandemic and climate change are here to stay even if we all try our best.  In fact, in many ways, each crisis has continued to get worse as time went on. The calendar will not save us. We have to do it ourselves, and that has been the focus of our work at Jindal Plast.

Jindal Plast has undergone a remarkable evolution in the past two years as we have pursued our vision to become one of the nation’s largest producers of processed plastic products. But one of the most profound changes over this time has been the richer understanding of—and deeper commitment to—sustainability. With an exponential expansion planned for our future, our views of what it means to be a leader are going through a radical shift.

It is very natural for our stakeholders to expect this from a leading company like ours whose actions carry far-reaching implications for the economy, the environment and the millions of people who rely on our products and services.

In fact, sustainability considerations are now among the most influential factors defining the playing field within our industry. Many of the most critical opportunities to expand our company lie in solving key sustainability challenges, a reality that is making sustainability a competitive imperative.  And with our vision already aligned with the goals of government initiatives like Make-in-India and Clean India, it has proven to be a rather easy transition.

In recent times, it has become even more apparent that progress requires that we consistently work to accomplish our goals through integrated initiatives that place a high priority on moving us forward concurrently on various aspects and maintaining our total impact as a company. This stability and synthesis is the core of our sustainability commitment—and it is indispensable to realizing the aspirations reflected in our company's vision.

To build upon this framework of sustainable expansion, we took important steps aimed at raising our sustainability commitment and better integrating it  throughout  the business.
In fact, sustainability considerations are now among the most influential factors defining the playing field within our industry.

Built around four strong commitments to our customers, our communities, our employees, shareholders and the environment, Jindal Plast’s leadership vision brings together the essential prerequisites for maintaining the long-term health and growth of our company.

The battle against COVID-19 has highlighted valuable lessons that we can apply to other major challenges facing our world, including the fight against climate change — and that starts with the importance of urgency. The urgency to act, but with care.

Once again, we owe credit to many of our stakeholders who have helped us achieve these results, either through their direct engagement or through the constructive feedback we rely on them to provide us. We invite you—and indeed encourage you—to share your thoughts on our performance. We take this feedback seriously and always welcome it.
Meanwhile, Jindal Plast will continue to strive toward its vision of industry leadership and its sustainability goals in the year ahead. As we do, you have our commitment that we will be working to extend our performance in areas where results are already strong, while diligently addressing those aspects of our performance in which we see the greatest opportunities for improvement.