Water Tanks

Storage of water has been a basic requirement since ancient civilization. Be it for cooking or drinking; farming or fire suppression or even rain water harvesting, a hygienic and durable water tank is a must. A perfect blend of innovation, technology and functionality, there is a Jindal water tank for every unique need. Unmatched quality and durability coupled with value for money has made our cylindrical vertical tanks the first choice for various builders, government departments, municipalities and industries for years now. Made of high quality plastic and fitted with closed tops, they ensure quality of water is maintained while storage. Ranging in capacity from 100 ltrs to 10,000 ltrs; there is a water tank to address the need of every customer.

Superior Quality: Certification from BIS (ISI Mark) is a testimony to our commitment to quality. All tanks undergo rigorous functionality and quality testing before being made available for our valuable customers. Testing and certification is done by leading laboratories, industries and institutions.

Rust and Leek Proof: Our state of art technology and hi-tech machines deliver high quality products that are sturdy and resistant to rusting.

Hygienic: Use of high quality plastic and unique technology to seal the tank when not in use ensures quality of water is maintained during storage. Tanks are designed with closed tops making it easy to periodically clean then.

Light weight & Durable: Innovation and technology adoption have blended to develop light weight yet durable tanks. Coupled with our unique well researched designs and high quality plastic, these tanks won’t budge when the tank is full and won’t burst under pressure.

Easy to install & flexible: Tanks come with multiple outlet options, inlets and over flow configuration allowing them to be fitted with ease.

Maintenance Free: Well you can just fit it and forget it. Jindal water tanks can work for years without maintenance.