SWR Pipes and Fittings

J-Plex S.W.R Drainage Systems include a wide range of Pipes and Fittings which have an equally wide range of applications. Tougher and economical, uPVC S.W.R pipes and Drainage system is manufactured strictly conforming to the relevant environment friendly standard.

What’s more ! S.W.R drainage systems are approved by local and international authorities.

APPLICATIONS - S.W.R Drainage System is meant for home, office, hotel industries, hospitals as well as public place such as airports, railway stations, bus-stands, as well as for overflow linesand chemical waste line at industries, dairy plants & food processing plants etc.


  • High quality standards and wide range
  • Fire Resistant
  • Stronger and long lasting
  • Light Weight
  • Excellent Chemicals and Corrosion resistance
  • Easy to install
  • UV Stabilized
  • Quick and Convenient installation
  • Quick and efficient removal of waste without leakage
  • Adequate and easy access for cleaning and clearing
  • obstructions.
  • Least maintenance
  • Cost Effective

Step 1: Cut the pvc pipe with a fine toothed saw to the required length. Pipe should be cut square.
Step 2: Chamfer the edge of the pipe to be inserted at an angle of about 150 to about 1/3rd of the wall thickness, using a coarse file.
Step 3: Make sure the spigot and socket are thoroughly clean and dry.
Step 4: Insert the pipe into the socket without the seal ring and mark along the pipe, when it is fully inserted.
Step 5: Fix the rubber ring into the groove without twisting it.
Step 6: Apply J-PLEX jointing lubricant to the chamfered end of the pipe, up to the mark made on spigot or to the socket end of fitting.
Step 7: Push the pipe firmly into the socket till the gap between the mark on the spigot and socket is
about 10mm to allow for thermal expansion.

Dimensions of S.W.R Pipes

Nominal Outside Diameter Mean Outside Diameter Wall Thickness TYPE A Wall Thickness TYPE B
mm Min Max Min Max Min Max
75 75.0 75.3 1.8 2.2 3.2 3.8
90 90.0 90.3 1.9 2.3 3.2 3.8
110 110.0 110.4 2.2 2.7 3.2 3.8
160 160.0 160.5 3.2 3.8 4.0 4.6


J-Plex S.W.R Moulded Fittings are unique in which a selfit fitting is converted into Ringfit fitting by simply adding a ringseal adaptor over the socket. A ringseal adaptor when snap fitted over the socket of a selfit fitting converts into a ringfit fitting.

“J-Plex” Rigid PVC Drainage Systems have several advantages over conventional C.I. & A.C. Systems.

STRONG & UNBREAKABLE “J-Plex S.W.R Fittings are b, sturdy and unbreakable; unaffected by weather conditions,termite, bacteria and fungal growth.

EASY TO HANDLE S.W.R Fittings are light in weight & easy to handle for extended length to join each-other to cover the large distance.

ENERGY SAVER S.W.R Fittings have smooth & silky internal surface, which implies low frictional loss and save power consumption.

LEAK PROOF S.W.R Fittings are designed precision to close dimensional tolerance resulting crest leak proof joints.

SAFE S.W.R Fittings are absolutely safe from fire.

RESISTANT to: -Rust - U.V radiation - Most of the chemicals

MAINTENANCE FREE S.W.R Fittings are noticed no breakage, free from rusting and unaffected by environmental stress etc.

ECONOMICAL S.W.R Fittings are cost effective & long lasting products.

All Fittings are available in sizes 75mm, 90mm, 110mm & 160mm

Coupler Bend 87.5degree Single Tee Double Tee
Coupler Bend 87.5° Single Tee Double Tee
Single Y (With Door) Double Y Bend 45° Nahani Trap
Single Y (With Door) Double Y Bend 45° Nahani Trap
MultiFloor Trap P-Trap Reducer Vent Cowl
MultiFloor Trap P-Trap Reducer Vent Cowl


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