The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. It all began way back in 1980s when a young boy of 17 years of age, from a humble farmer family from Gannaur, Haryana, started on the road less travelled to make ends meet for his family. Little did he know that the journey, with its share of ups and downs, would make him an iconic figure in the sanitary ware industry. At the young age of 25, he established Jindal Sanitary Works with a vision of providing high quality flushing cisterns and internal mechanisms at highly competitive prices.

From the very beginning, R N Jindal laid undue focus on quality and technology and these have been the two strong pillars of his success in a highly competitive and dynamic plumbing industry. Leveraging indigenous technology and out of box thinking, he has pioneered various pioneering concepts that have revolutionarized / transformed the horizon namely Plastic made flushing cisterns with complete plastic internal mechanisms and adoption of modern technology in plastic processing production.

A visionary leader, an entrepreneur par excellence and a self made man, R N Jindal is today a name synonymous with the Indian plastic sanitary ware industry. His innovative ideas and strategic foresight have made him the face of Plastic Flushing Mechanisms and Cisterns in India.